Valant VS StreamLine MD: The Winner of the EMR Battle 2022

Practice management software improves the operational activity in clinics by providing a range of tools. For instance, they can be used for revenue management, medical charting, and prescribing medicine. Valant EHR and StreamlineMD are two options for medical practices that want to simplify patient management. This comparative Valant vs StreamLine MD guide will discuss their features, prices, and demos.

Valant is for mental health practices to aid in managing operations and streamlining processes. It is used by behavioral health clinics, agencies, and doctors to assist offer higher-quality service and better results. It automates activities and gives clinicians real-time information and insights with the push of a button. It is completely integrated and enables video conferencing for remote patient care. It also ensures secure information sharing between physicians and patients.


StreamlineMD focuses on enhancing day-to-day functioning for four specialty specializations. It is driven to assist imaging and image-guided specialists in hospital-based radiology. It also supports interventional pain centers and outpatient endovascular and interventional centers. StreamlineMD provides EHR, practice management, and billing capabilities in one software application for these professionals. It offers unique features such as integrated vitals and PACS (picture archiving and monitoring).

Valant EHR Software

Key Features 

HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine

Video sessions feature enhanced authentication mechanisms to guarantee that virtual visits remain safe and under HIPAA standards. It ensures a secure portal on both the provider and client sides. These features are built directly into the current EHR platform.

Reporting and Billing

Valant EMR incorporates integrated billing to automate data input. As a result, it reduces time-consuming data entry. It increases information accuracy and saves staff time while ensuring that payments are received. It increases the practice’s income by ensuring billing is managed promptly.


Manage prescriptions at any time and from any location. Check, refill and renew medications from the dashboard. It decreases prescription mistakes while delivering automatic warnings and notifications to patients.


A customizable calendar may be used to manage almost every element of practice. Make appointments ahead of time and color code them to offer visual cues. Accessing a patient’s information is also straightforward.

Group Therapy

Valant’s adaptable group therapy system allows you to enroll groups of patients. It also enables you to establish your billing costs for attendance. It reduces no-shows with patients by automating the scheduling process. Whether you’re presenting a one-time multi-member family therapy session or giving recurrent group counseling, you can manage appointments. You don’t have to use spreadsheets or time-consuming systems to provide multiple-client treatment.

Patient Intake

Clients can complete their own onboarding process through an MYIO patient portal account. Before their initial clinical visit, they disclose their clinical history so you can manage treatment options. The e-sign consent papers and complete online evaluations pace up the process. This saves you time throughout the intake process, allowing you to focus on treatment planning.

Valant EHR Pricing

The Valant EMR pricing options are intended to give the functionality you want at a reasonable cost. Valant does not provide its pricing details, but you can contact its sales team to get a customized quote for your practice.

Valant EHR Demo 

Watching the Valant EMR in action can also help decide its value for your practice. You can also ask questions about the software during the Valant demo. To schedule the demo, contact the Valant representatives.

Valant EHR Reviews 

The Valant EHR reviews show that it is a robust practice management tool. It has successfully streamlined practitioners’ workflows. Moreover, Valant makes prescription refills easier for everyone. Although, some users think that Valant does not have an intuitive interface.

StreamLine MD EHR Software

Key Features 


By allowing you to execute lab orders straight from your clinical notes, the eLab system streamlines your operation. You can fill out the order form, including any history or demographic information about your patient, and click to submit it to the lab of your choice. When findings are available, you will be notified and can upload them into the patient chart. It is simple for both you and your patients.

Inventory Management

The inventory management tools in StreamlineMD are a fantastic approach to boosting a company’s performance and productivity. Incorporating a modern, integrated inventory management technology into a practice’s workflow may also result in considerable cost savings. It also gives business data that allows physicians to make informed decisions.

Clinical Charting

Streamline MD’s clinical charting application makes charting simple since the computer analyses your needs to adapt accordingly. It predicts what you’ll need and the settings you’ll use when charting, making the process much easier. Furthermore, the charting tool’s intelligence analyses the data you enter and suggests possible diagnoses to investigate. It allows you to reach clinical conclusions much faster than before, which is beneficial and will save you significant time.

StreamlineMD EMR Pricing 

StreamlineMD does not provide its pricing details on the website, but users can request a customized quote from the sales staff. The cost of the StreamlineMD software depends on the size of your practice.

StreamlineMD Demo

You may schedule a Streamline MD demo before purchasing a subscription to see if it will be helpful to you. Contact their team to schedule a Streamline MD demo. It will also answer any queries you may have about the Streamline MD software.

StreamlineMD Reviews

According to the StreamlineMD reviews, it is easy to chart patient data and manage it. Healthcare workers can also edit patient data easily. Some users think that StreamLineMD does not have a customizable interface.

Final Remarks

Valant is a web-based EHR system designed for mental health providers. It features a simple user interface and robust reporting and billing capabilities. Maintaining client medical data, collecting revenue, and monitoring patient progress. Simplify client management and clinical procedures. Note templates can be altered.

StreamlineMD is a software suite that combines EHR, practice management, and billing services. A significant aspect is vitals integration with the system. It also provides PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) monitoring. The StreamlineMD EHR employs technology to assist users in improving their performance.

Ultimately, it is up to the users to pick an EMR that will simplify practice management. When it comes to choosing between Valant and Streamline MD EMR, you should also watch the respective demos to make an informed decision.

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