These Are The Three Affordable Stores For Wholesale T-Shirts For Printing

Are you doing wholesale shopping for the first time? I know, it might feel daunting!

So, finding the best and yet the cheapest wholesale marketplaces for t-shirts is not an easy task. It takes a lot of market research, searching through different online websites, and then checking the positive reviews. It all takes time.

So, if you don’t have enough time, read this blog post, because we have gathered all the necessary information regarding the three best and most affordable places where you can find high-quality and comfortable t-shirts for printing.

Here’s our buying guide for all those who are interested in bulk buying t-shirts for their businesses or for personal customization. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

So, in this buyer’s guide, we will be covering the following aspects:

What Does It Mean By “Wholesale T-Shirts”?

So, before we start, let’s explain what a wholesale t-shirt is. Let me ask you a question!

Have you ever bought a t-shirt for yourself or your friend? Where do you go to buy a shirt? Do you visit a store? A brand? Or an outlet?

Okay, then it means you buy a retail t-shirt. On the other hand, buying a wholesale t-shirt is a different process. So let us explain it to you with an example. If your father, or any relative, is in a B2B business, and you might have gotten a chance to visit their factory. Then you must have seen the bulk of the products getting packed and sealed to get delivered to the destination. Do you ever ask them what that big stuff is? And who’s buying such large quantities of goods?

We will tell you why people buy bulk quantities of products. B2B businesses are the buyers of bulk goods. Similarly, wholesale t-shirts are one of those goods that are purchased by another business, for example, a printing business.

So the companies that manufacture wholesale t-shirts sell their products to large distribution companies, which resell them to retail brands so that the end-user (that is, the consumers/buyers) can purchase them. Wholesale t-shirts for printing like DTG printing or screen printing are specifically designed and made using high-quality fabric so that the material won’t get damaged during any customization.

What Are The 3 Cheap Wholesale T-Shirt Distributors For Printing Businesses?

Here are the three cheap wholesale t-shirts bulk suppliers: VeeTrends, SanMar, and Alpha Broder. These three wholesale distributors are unbeatable when it comes to quality, service, selection, and screen printing.


SanMar is one of the leading and top-notch wholesale brands for t-shirts. It is located in the heart of Seattle and owns more than 10 distribution centers. Moreover, you can find different brands in SanMar, from Nike to Champion, North Face to Gildan, and beyond. They have it all.

So when it comes to the ordering interface, SanMar wins the game! The powerful interface has made it the number one wholesale shopping brand among users. Other features of SanMar include its exceptional service, which is unbeatable throughout the industry.

Jeremy Lott, president of SanMar, once told the story behind SanMar and how it overcame the different challenges faced in the industry.

Why is SanMar so well-liked?

SanMar has a keen observation of the needs of its customers. They offer pros to the wholesale industry through the rapid production, distribution, and consumption of goods. The brand is also considered the industry’s “gold standard” for bulk t-shirt supplies. Some other characteristics include professionalism, affordable pricing, careful selection of brands, and customer service. Lastly, SanMar is also known for its fast shipping, which sets a high standard for other wholesalers in the industry.

Alpha Broder

Alpha Broder has taken over the world through its high-quality wholesale t-shirts! They have 9 distribution centers. Alpha Broder is one of the biggest names in the wholesale t-shirt industry. Alpha Broder has a large network of wholesale apparel distributors that all work together under one roof.

So, with a wide variety of different products, they have become one of the extraordinary brands that know how to make their customers happy. So, from t-shirts to jackets, and sweatpants to skirts and beyond, they have a never-ending range of high-quality products.

What Is the Appeal of Alpha Broder?

Alpha Broder is the trusted choice for wholesale t-shirts worldwide. The brand sells its products to 96% of the US population. Their massive business and extensive network spread the high-end fashion line throughout the United States and beyond. Another reason why Alpha Broder is liked by consumers is that its t-shirt quality is 100% unique. They have all types of t-shirts, from top-end to low-end fashion tees, and also low-weight cotton tees. They are the game changers!


At VeeTrends, one of the best wholesale t-shirt supplier companies, you can explore bulk wholesale t-shirts in a variety of colors, whether you are looking to shop for toddlers and infants or adults and youth. VeeTrends is the best wholesale bulk supplier for comfortable t-shirts that come in distinct sizes. VeeTrends is the source that meets all your needs and perfectly satisfies them. The best part about shopping at VeeTrends is the excellent discounts!

Why Are VeeTrends So Popular?

One of the industry’s leading wholesale market places, VeeTrends has almost every brand, from Gildan to Hanes, Next Level to Fruit of the Loo, Bella + Canvas to Flex Fit – the variety is the key to the doors of the customer’s hearts. Another plus factor to buying wholesale t-shirts from VeeTrends is that they have a huge assortment of styles in t-shirts, such as for everyday wear, workouts, fashion, sports, school/college/university, branding, and more.

How do you get access to free shipping on wholesale t-shirts?

If you are willing to get a major discount in the form of free shipping from the above-mentioned brands, here is the minimum threshold of order quantity that you must meet to get free shipping.

Get free shipping from SanMar.

Orders must be over $200 to get free shipping from SanMar.

Get free shipping from AlphaBroder.

On orders that exceed $150, AlphaBroder offers a free freight promotion.


Here is our complete guide to the three most affordable stores for wholesale t-shirts!

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