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Highlights magazine online free offers a fun and educational selection of activities for kids. These include word searches, hidden pictures, art projects, science experiments, and craft projects.

Established in 1946, this publication is renowned for its “Fun with a Purpose” philosophy. Published simultaneously in English and Spanish, they offer readers an enjoyable reading experience.

High Five

A high five is an iconic, simple gesture used to commemorate significant life moments. From receiving a promotion to proposing to someone, giving someone a high five is the perfect way to acknowledge all the good in your life.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the high five first originated, but it is believed to have started on October 2, 1977 when Los Angeles Dodgers baseball players Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker clapped their hands together after hitting an important home run. Although its exact origins in other sports remain obscure, its iconic status within popular culture cannot be denied.

On National High Five Day, we created a feature that makes it simple for you to spread the joy and gratitude far and wide by sending External High Fives. It’s an amazing way to build connections with people outside your organization while acknowledging their efforts.


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Hidden Pictures

Highlights is a beloved children’s magazine designed to entertain and educate readers of all ages. Its motto is “Fun with a Purpose.”

The company believes that children are the most precious individuals on earth. They possess the capacity for growth and development, so it is up to us all to treat them with kindness, respect and understanding.

To this end, they create magazines for children aged 6-12, books and other educational products. Their mission is to empower kids to become their ‘best selves’ – curious, creative, caring and confident.

Highlights’ Hidden Pictures puzzles have been a beloved feature since 1946 and they remain an integral part of each issue today. Not only are they entertaining, interactive and educational – teaching important observation skills like figure-ground perception, object constancy and visual discrimination – but they’re also fun for readers!

They offer online games and the Hidden Pictures app for younger puzzlers. This user-friendly, vibrant app gives kids access to an extensive library of puzzles; they’ll have hours of fun solving them over and over again!

Every Day

For children aged 5 and under, this magazine provides fun activities, hobbies and things to do. There are stories, brainteasers and hidden pictures as well as plenty of creative activities designed to spark imagination.

This vibrant and engaging quarterly magazine is perfect for children who are fascinated by adventure and real-life stories. It includes a range of longer chapter stories and features, as well as vibrantly illustrated comic strips.

Magazines in the digital age must adjust and embrace new methods of reaching their readers and advertisers. As more people access content online, magazine readership and revenue are declining.

Highlights is one of these magazines, and you can purchase several copies here on Groupon. Get your hands on some today, and don’t forget to check back often for new deals and coupons!

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