5 Budget-Friendly Locations To Visit In Hong Kong

Travelling is fun-loving and full of excitement, but somehow costly too. Take a tour of the places that give less burden to your pocket and you explore more destinations more conveniently. Hong Kong has one of the most powerful currencies in the world. It is full of skyscrapers and natural scenic locations that you must want to visit if you get a chance to travel to the city full of lights and beauty. But it gives you the best option to travel under your budget. Lots of tourists visit here every year from all over the world to reveal the positive picture of this city that gives them more fun-loving activities and adventurous spots.

Moreover, time to get something incredibly pleasurable that is according to your budget. It is the most relaxing thing that you can explore the most amazing places in the world which are less expensive so that your whole family and a bunch of friends travel easily.

1- The Ascend Victoria Park

The Ascend Victoria Park is the most famous budget-friendly place that 7 million people visit every year. It is a well-known and attractive spot for tourists from all over the world. It is the perfect place to visit late afternoon. It is the best time for you if you get a chance to see the fantastic colours of the sunset. Enjoy the delightful tour of a city full of lights and natural beauty with Klook coupon code.

2- Cheng Shau Beach

Cheng Sha beach is the most popular one among the 50 fascinating beaches of Hong Kong. If you are finding a silent calmful place for you and your family, it would be the perfect place for you where you cut off for a while from the world. Take this perfect option for enjoyment with your loved ones at the scenic seashore. A natural environment and also lighter for your pocket will definitely make your day.

3- The Star Ferry

The star ferry gives you a perfect budget-friendly romantic ride of the sea. Well, the ride on a cruise is like a dream come true but it is an expensive desire. You can get a similar enjoyment as a cruise ride. But you have to reach the harbor before evening so that you would see a scenic view of the sunset. It takes 20 cents USD which give you the most memorable ride of your life.

4- St- Stephen’s Beach

St Stephen’s beach is the prime place for all beach lovers. The best thing is the restaurants give you all kinds of facilities under your budget and the friendly crowd is present there to entertain you. The shopping facilities are also available where you buy handmade items from Hong Kong at a reasonable cost. Make a plan with your friends and family and enjoy sea surfing with lots of activities.

5- The Skyline

The Skyline is the best budget-friendly choice for you all to get a unique fun-loving glittering view. Approximately 10,000 visitors come to visit to see the beauty of the lighting and stars in Hong Kong. Try to reach there at 8 pm, it is the ideal time when you can see the true colours of the city of light.

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