Picking a Blog Template: Blogger Against WordPress

When choosing a site template, the question appears about Blogger or Live Journal. They want to know which is far better. To find about Colormag Blogger Template,

Now, I can checklist all the pros and disadvantages of both platforms. The list would show why Doodlekit might be better and offer examples of when to go with Live journal. It would be friendly and diplomatic… click here

However, why waste all that as well as space?

In my humble yet accurate opinion, there is only one clear option – Live journal.

That was easy. In under a hundred or so words, you have your response. So, go ahead and install Live journal, and start enjoying your blog experience.

What? Why are you continue to here? You have your response – seriously, this is not any trick. Blogger runs any distance second, not just a severe option to most of the blogosphere.

Let me supply you with five reasons why WordPress is superior to Blogger:

1 . Mobility – The platform can be visible on almost any internet site. You can have WordPress. Com coordinator your blog, or you can take it to your domain. Hosting your blog to yourself environment gives you much more management. This leads perfectly to your next point…

2 . Creating to order – With a suitable theme or plugins, you can make your blog complete just about anything. Your website can look like a traditional blog, a residential district portal, a membership site, an e-commerce store, and on and on. Whenever you can imagine it, there is likely a template that can handle almost any situation.

  1. Plugins in addition to Widgets – Blogger features plugins and widgets. However, the sheer quantity, and the quality available to WordPress, are staggering. They get the jerk in this department. The reason is that the following…
  2. Significant development community – Because so many people use WordPress as a blogging platform, it has launched a vast development community. Their popularity is why a massive progress community has sprung up. More developers usually are attracted to this enormous sector for simple reasons instructions. Customers are willing to purchase their blogs.

Don’t think wrongly of me; WordPress is a no-cost blogging platform. You can handle the installation without paying one red nickel. In addition, the free themes, jacks, and other options allow you to run a compelling blog site. The point I’m trying to help make is there is a big marketplace for premium additions, along with enhancements.

  1. Ease of installation – It used to be explained Blogger was better for starters because of their ease of installation. With aWith a few straightforward clicks of a button, you were set to start. However, this is not the case anymore. Using options like Fantastico, Straightforward Scripts, and others make Blogger a simple push-button installation.

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